On Thefts Grand and Auto Related


This essay originally appeared in Unwinnable Monthly Issue 77 (March 2016).

I don’t know if Grand Theft Auto IV is the Citizen Kane of videogames (and I don’t care), but the titles do share one important distinction: a whole hell of a lot has been written about both. Continue reading “On Thefts Grand and Auto Related”


Listening is political

People in the media are deeply concerned about the lack of representation of reasonable conservative views in today’s political landscape. Thankfully, serious conservatism has found refuge from the liberal media wilderness at brave anti-liberal outlets like, uh, the New York Times.

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With friends like these

This piece on energy technology from Eduardo Porter at the New York Times is disappointing. Porter lays out a criticism of a particular paper on clean energy that is, according to critics, too unrealistic in its predictions concerning our ability to power the US completely on renewable energy resources. He uses this one paper and a recent response to it to mount a much broader criticism of renewable resources, all while claiming that he is simply trying to have a conversation about energy that is practical and realistic.

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